We are a soccer club in Bridgewater, NJ that has the best of all soccer worlds with In-Town Recreation, Travel and Premier soccer teams. This is where Bridgewater soccer players can successfully grow at their own rate while playing soccer.

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KidSafe Program:
To promote health, safety and protection of our children in the game of soccer, the NJYS KidSafe program has adopted the following objectives:

  1. To identify all coaches and program administrators

  2. To develop and communicate the KidSafe guidelines to all coaches and program administrators


The Board of Directors of NJYS has approved the following policy:

NJYS will take every reasonable effort within the KidSafe program to exclude from program responsibilities (not be confused with parental responsibilities affecting their own child) any adult with a legally documented history of child molestation or other record that would bring an unnecessary risk to the health and safety of the program’s participants.

Every person wishing to apply for a position as a coach or program administrator with New Jersey Youth Soccer must complete Employment/Volunteer Disclosure Statement. In addition, every employee/volunteer of New Jersey Youth Soccer who at any time could be expected, in the performance of his/her duties, to be alone with any registered player for any length of time must have on file a completed Disclosure Statement. Coaches include head coaches, assistant coaches, substitute coaches, team trainers, and team officials.

Implementation of the NJYS KidSafe Program

To implement its KidSafe program, NJYS will provide copies of the Employment/Volunteer Disclosure Statement form to each club along with instructions for completing the form. Each club will establish its own Risk Management Coordinator who will receive the completed forms from the coaches. The forms will be maintained in a secure location by the Club Risk Management Coordinator.

The Club Risk Management Coordinator will verify that all forms have been returned to the Club. He/she would then certify to NJYS that all Disclosure Forms are on file within the club on a Club Summary Form. A list of names of all individuals for whom the club has a Disclosure form on file must be attached to the form. In addition, the name, address, and any identification information (e.g., date of birth, drivers license number) of any individual who the club has disqualified or written a memo for record must attached to the form.

Member clubs may place additional requirements on their members as part of the program.  For example, many clubs require that each volunteer have a background check as part of the club's process of registering volunteers.  These requirements are consistent with the NJYS KidSafe Program.

New Jersey Youth Soccer issues passes to Non-volunteer passes the individuals who are paid to coach or train players within our member clubs.  Each individual who applies for a non-volunteer pass must complete and submit to NJYS a Disclosure/Background Check Authorization form.  NJYS will do a background check on every non-volunteer applicant before the pass is issued.  NJYS will keep the Disclosure/Background Check Authorization form on file in our office.